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When it comes to protecting your eyes, you cannot afford not to have the ultimate in technology and equipment. We believe that your eyes deserve the best protection available without compromising style and performance.

The safety glasses you choose need to protect your eyes, feel comfortable, look good and allow you clear, crisp vision. At Optical Warehouse, our trained professionals can match your specific requirements to the perfect safety eyewear to maximize your performance and protection.

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Hoya Bollé Safety Framesbolle safety

HOYA Bollé safety frames provide an innovative line of safety eyewear that will give you the ultimate comfort, style, and protection.

Optical Warehouse stocks the full range of HOYA Bollé Safety Eyewear, all of which are medium impact certified to the AS/NZS1337.6 standard for prescription safety eyewear when combined with HOYA Phoenix lens material.

Our safety frames guarantee an optimal level of protection and also offer you a wide range of carefully selected and stylish frames.

Latest prescription lens technology – Phoenix prescription lensesBoss 2_Female_WEB

PHOENIX is a unique HOYA’s lens material that is totally resistant to common chemicals, which makes it much safer in the workplace compared to other lenses.  It is extremely comfortable and more light-weight than other Medium Impact lenses, as well as being clearer and giving you a much crisper vision in all light conditions without compromising safety or your quality of vision.

These are available in single vision, multifocal, bifocal, transition and anti-reflective lenses.

So what are the benefits of Phoenix Prescription Lenses?

  • Increased protection from impact due to PHOENIX lenses being 10 times stronger than standard CR39 lenses
  • Increased comfort due to ultra-lightweight PHOENIX lenses, even for prolonged periods of wear, as phoenix is 10% lighter than polycarbonate
  • PHOENIX lenses are clearer to look through than polycarbonate
  • PHOENIX Safety Lenses are completely resistant to common chemicals when compared to polycarbonate
  • Standard with UV Ban, 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV raysHoya

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort or style in order to keep your eyes safe and protected.  At Optical Warehouse, our experienced optometrists can help you choose the perfect safety eyewear to meet your specific workplace needs.

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