HDV Custom Designed Multifocals

HDV CUSTOM DESIGNED MULTIFOCALS – progressive lens wearing just got easier!

Optical Warehouse is now introducing a new progressive/multifocal lens to its already large choice of progressive lenses. This new HDV lens can be ordered with greater emphasis on distance, near or a balanced designed, depending on the needs of the wearer. The progressive corridor can also be designed to fit small, medium or larger frames.

Our optometrists and dispensing staff will advise you of the benefits of each form which will enable it’s usage to be more individualised. This is a great advancement which will make progressive lenses easier to use and more tailored to the needs of the individual.


 The HDV lens comes in six designs that can be customised to the individual.

 HDV Standard:

This is our entry level digitally surfaced progressive lens design. It is an excellent choice for the first time progressive wearer, featuring a well-balanced, soft design and wide visual field.

HDV Enhanced:

 The Enhanced is our compensated digitally surfaced progressive lens design. It is one of our most expansive designs and compensated with default wearer characteristics to ensure razor sharp vision and a comfortable fit.

 HDV Advanced:

 The Advanced is our fully personalised and best compensated digitally surfaced progressive lens. It provides the best optical performance and offers the highest visual acuity in all gaze directions.

 HDV Studio:

 The best lens for office and computer work. It offers an extremely wide intermediate and near visual field and very easy adaption. Ideal for people who spend a lot of time working at a near to intermediate range (office workers, musicians, chef).

 HDV Sport:

 Fully personalised progressive lens exclusively for outdoor activities. This lens offers a clear area of binocular vision in far distance and it is the ideal lens for all outdoor conditions.

 HDV Drive:

 Fully personalised progressive lens specially designed for driving. It has a wide clear area of binocular vision in far distance combined with a wide corridor and soft transitions to offer the best comfort while driving.

All HDV lenses are available in Transition (photochromatic), Polarised tinting, and Anti-reflective coatings. The also come in all ranges of Hi index or thinner/lighter lenses (1.53, 1.6 & 1.67 indexes).