13 Jul

Help Your Child Succeed with Good Vision

We all want what’s best for our children. One thing that is critically important for every child is a yearly eye examination.

A comprehensive eye examination can help protect your child from long-term developmental challenges that come with impaired vision.

Dr. Andrea P. Thau, OD is the past president of the American Optometric Association.  She says, “Just as a child’s body and mind develop, their eyes and vision do as well. Annual children’s comprehensive eye examinations are the only way to protect and set a positive course for their immediate and future eye health and vision care. A child’s visual demands change each year, and it is critically important to ensure that a child’s visual ability meets or exceeds those demands.”  

Dr. Thau says vision has a huge impact on a child’s academic achievement.  She says, “An example of one of the thousands of cases that I have treated was the child who was having difficulty learning to read. Reading at only the third percentile of her peers, this third grader was labeled as learning disabled. Her mother, a school psychologist, knew there had to be something more to her daughter’s struggle and a friend suggested that she bring her daughter to me for a comprehensive eye examination. That’s when we discovered significant issues with both her vision and how her eyes work together.”

“Six weeks after I fitted her with contact lenses and provided vision therapy, she advanced to read at the 85th percentile. A visit to the doctor of optometry and a few visual tools was all she needed to excel. Without receiving that care, the cost of being labeled with a learning disability could have had a long-lasting impact on her academic potential, social interactions, future professional success and her self-esteem.”

Be sure to include a yearly eye exam in your child’s routine, and follow up with the appropriate care your eye doctor suggests for them.  A child’s vision is crucial to their social and academic success.

Find more information here: http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2017/07/laying-foundation-lifetime-eye-health.html


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