Protecting Your Eyes from Blue Light Damage

At Optical Warehouse, our passion for optimal eye health has led us to embrace the new technology in Shaan Blue Guard Lenses, the latest lens treatment that assists in the prevention of the damage that is being done to our eyes by the blue light emitted by electronic devices.

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The Effects of Blue Light Damage

As part of the modern world your eyes are exposed to, and are being damaged by, harmful blue lightProtect-your-Eyes on a continual basis. Exposure to blue light which is emitted from objects that we use each and every day – the computer, the colour television, led and florescent lighting, tablets , smart phones and many more devices can cause serious damage to your eyes.

This harmful blue light increases the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Glare, eyestrain and eye fatigue are also associated with exposure to blue light. Blue light can also have a negative impact on your general health and well being by disrupting your sleeping patterns. As the brain interprets blue light as a sign to wake up, using a tablet or phone before bed, which many of us do, can reduce the production of melatonin that regulates sleep.

Shaan Blue Guard Lenses can help prevent the damage caused by blue light to your eyes and general health, without the ugly yellow tinge associated with previous blue light lens treatments.

Blue Guard Lenses : Protecting Your Eyes

Shaan Blue Guard lenses were developed for visual protection in our modern world.Blue Guard

In addition to providing comprehensive, double-sided UV protection, Shaan Blue Guard deflects five times more blue light than any existing conventional lens coating.

Real Benefits of Shaan Blue Guard Lenses:

  • Filters harmful short wavelength blue light, helping to prevent eye strain and fatigue
  • Reduction of glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Contrast perception improvements offering a more natural colour experience

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